Brand new webdesign!

Finaly! Finaly, after 3 years of design madness I made a new portfolio layout. To design something for someone else is peanuts, but when I've got to design my own portfolio I always lose my interest. I like to detail my portfolio, but meanwhile I want to keep it simple and abstract. That would describe my style best, simple and abstract, yet detailed. So, I tried many different things. Here is one that didn't made it, but I want to show it to you anyway.

"The hand"

Portfolio idea 1 Portfolio idea 1 2 Portfolio idea 1 3

I really love this one. It's a huge black and grey background with only the elements to navigate in color. Clicking a menu item would result in an auto scroll trough the whole thing. I showed it to a friend (who has a keen eye for designing) and he was like "Dude, I really like it, but it's way over-detailed". And he was right. It's destracting to much from the content. So as a portfolio, the design is bad.